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Changing Perspectives: a Garden through time

Changing Perspectives: a Garden through time is a digital exhibition about the history of the eastern half of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden from the 1950s to the twenty-first century. 


Over the past six decades, new ideas and concepts have changed the ways the eastern half of the Botanic Garden has been developed through innovative plantings and landscape designs. Changing Perspectives follows the development of these new plantings and explores why and how ideas were introduced – such as the Winter Garden, the Dry Garden, the Scented Garden, the Genetics Garden and the Ecological Mound.

GlasshouseDiscover Your Own Trail – you are invited to discover and follow your own trail through the digital Garden. You can explore Decade-by-Decade from the 1950s through to the 2000s. Meet Key People who developed and managed the Botanic Garden and its innovative plantings. Listen to Garden Voices talking about the Garden across the years. You can view the Garden From the Air and scroll though the changes over time along the virtual Timeline. Current scientific concerns that have become part of our environmental vocabulary since WWII – Sustainability, Conservation, Biodiversity, Ecology and Environmental Restoration – are discussed under Themes.  The What is a Botanic Garden? section highlights shifting ideas about the Botanic Garden and its evolving role into the twenty-first century.

The launch of Changing Perspectives coincides with the launch of the Botanic Garden’s oral history project, Voicing the Garden, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Cambridge University Botanic Garden Association (CUBGA).

Pippa Lacey, Connecting with Collections early career researcher, University of Cambridge Museums

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