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‘We had fun’: Being a Museum Ambassador

Over the past 12 months University of Cambridge Museums education staff have been working with staff and students from North Cambridge Academy in an exciting new strategic partnership. As part of this project 10 Museum Ambassadors from the school have been working with museum educators, film makers, animators and staff from the Cambridgeshire Film Consortium, to produce 3 short films about the University of Cambridge Museums

Over the past eight months the group of young Museum Ambassadors have been going every week to The Polar Museum, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the Fitzwilliam Museum. During the project we have learnt how to make films and have either been filming or being filmed. We have put in a tremendous effort to make these short films for you.’ Ben

We plan on showing our films to family and schools to help them know all about the museums. I spoke about my favourite painting. It is called Springtime by Claude Monet.’ Sky

I made a film with acting as a person from a picture and talked about the fact that there is load of stories behind everything. I filmed as well as acting and talking behind the camera.’ Alison

Being a Museum Ambassador is hard but fun. The reason it was hard is because you have to remember things. What you have to do is make films and find information to tell others.’ Shania

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It is a big challenge to be an Ambassador because you have lots to remember and get right. I have really enjoyed it and want to thank everyone that has helped me.’ Csenge

I thought it would be normal but it weren’t normal it were better than normal… I especially enjoyed the Fitzwilliam because that is my house at school. The roof was very attractive and posh’ Laura

I have been working on an Arts Award. We will show our films to Nene Park Academy and other feeder primary schools and we will get feedback by making a feedback sheet.’ Sophie

I have enjoyed being an ambassador. We had fun.’ Alison

Words and images by the North Cambridge Academy Museum Ambassadors: Wesley, Michael, Ben, Shania, Sophie, Sky, Alison, Laura, Csenge and Sophie.

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