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Silent Partners: Artist and Mannequin from Function to Fetish

The Fitzwilliam Museum opens its next major exhibition on 14 October. Silent Partners is a ground-breaking show devoted to the artist’s mannequin that uncovers its playful, uncanny – and sometimes disturbing – history from the Renaissance to the present-day.

For centuries, the mannequin, or lay figure, was little more than a studio tool, a piece of equipment as necessary as easel, pigments and brushes. This major new loan exhibition reveals the multiple purposes it serves – from fixing perspective and painting reflections, to being a support for drapery and costume – and shows how it gradually moved centre stage to become the subject of the painting, photograph or film, eventually becoming a work of art in its own right.

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Members of the public can share their comments, reviews, blogs and artistic responses to the exhibition on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine through #SilentPartners.

Silent Partners: Artist and Mannequin from Function to Fetish is at the Fitzwilliam Museum from 14 October 2015 to 25 January 2015, admission is free.  The exhibition is part of the Curating Cambridge festival.

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