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The Seven Heads of Gog Magog

cropped-Post-6-Starr-Carr-Head-Dress5Over the next four weeks Emma Florence Bausor will be writing a series of blog posts relating to seven objects in the University of Cambridge Museums’ collections.

Emma’s blog can be found online and she is on twitter @efbausor

Emma is a fictional character created by the artist Paul Rooney. Featuring a range of Cambridge places and people, the blog develops a narrative that takes in the myths of Orpheus, Syd Barrett, Rat and Mole, TC Lethbridge and others. With the help of her friends ‘Sparrow’, ‘Wren’ and other beastmates, Emma explores the possibility of a return to the ‘real gods’, the forces of life, death and the imagination.

The commission is a collaboration between The University of Cambridge Museums, and the arts organisation Metal. In addition to the blog posts there will be seven mp3 files, recordings of ‘spoken-sung oracles’, that can be downloaded and brought into the three museums involved: The Polar Museum, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the Fitzwilliam Museum.

As Emma says –

“I request that you download each mp3 oracle onto a portable device, visit Cambridge and the museum object to which it relates, and play the recording. This will new-create the moment of the oracle’s original ‘utterance’.”

This is an artwork that exists in digital form online and we would like as much social media activity as possible generated around it. Interaction with the work and dialogue with Emma is an integral part of the concept. We hope that you will enter into the spirit of the piece and comment or Tweet, maintaining the fiction of Emma Florence Bausor and the Seven Heads of Gog Magog.

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