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Inspiring Cambridge


A shared vision for arts and culture to be central to the city’s future

In December the Cambridge Arts Leaders group launched a shared vision for the arts and culture in the city at the Cambridge Arts Network conference – Inspiring Cambridge.

You can read the document online, watch a presentation or read a summary of the presentation online. This week the City Council will consider the proposal that Inspiring Cambridge is incorporated into its arts policy and that the city develops an action plan addressing the priorities identified.

Inspiring Cambridge outlines the challenges and opportunities for Cambridge, and how arts and culture can contribute towards further developing the city as a vibrant and creative place. It was developed in consultation with the sector and key stakeholders across the city and it is hoped that its vision will be shared by others.

The priorities identified were

  • connecting the whole community through arts and cultural activity
  • exploiting our rich cultural assets to develop a world leading cultural education offer
  • contributing to sustainable growth in the city
  • developing further a creative, welcoming, accessible city with an excellent cultural offer

Over the last year member of the group have developed projects that support these key objectives, such as Curating Cambridge, My Cambridge, A (New) Public Art in Cambridge discussion event and an artistic commission around the Tour de France.

In addition the group has been developing conversations with key bodies in the city on behalf of the wider cultural sector, such as Be The Change, the Cambridge BID, Visit Cambridge and Cambridge Ahead.

There is more detail on all of this in the summary of the presentation and if you would like more information about the Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders Group please visit

Liz Hughes, Convener of the Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders

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