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Concrete Poetry exhibition & symposium

A gathering of speakers will come together in Cambridge on 14 February for a symposium to celebrate the close exchanges and cross-fertilization of influences among poets living and working internationally in the 1960s. This symposium has been organised by the Centre of Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge in partnership with Kettle’s Yard. It has a particular focus on Brazil where many leading concrete poetry exponents, including brothers Augusto and Haroldo de Campos, Edgard Braga and Pedro Xisto worked and regularly corresponded with British artists and curators including Ian Hamilton Finlay, Edwin Morgan and Stephen Bann, now a renowned art historian who will give the opening keynote at the February event.

Bann has curated ‘Beauty and Revolution: The Poetry and Art of  Ian Hamilton Finlay‘ an exhibition currently at Kettle’s Yard, and symposium attendees will have the chance to view this exhibition as well as a ‘a token of concrete affection’ a unique archival show drawn from Bann’s personal collection of  works by Brazilian poets, curated by Bronaċ Ferran, which is on display until 1 March at the Centre of Latin American Studies.

Poemobiles, Augusto de Campos & Julio Plaza


Poemobiles Augusto de Campos & Julio Plaza

Other speakers at the symposium which will consider locations and chronologies and analyse the ‘myths of origins’ of concrete poetry are:

Dr Drew Milne, contemporary poet and member of the English Faculty at University of Cambridge; Dr Viviene C.da Annunciação, PhD University of São Paulo, Visiting Researcher at the Centre of Latin American Studies; Dr Greg Thomas, British Academy funded scholar at the University of Edinburgh; Eduardo Kac, Professor at the Art Institute of Chicago, leading artist and poet (originally born in Rio de Janeiro); Vanessa Hannesschläger, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the History and Theory of Biography, Vienna, expert in the poetry of Ernst Jandl, an Austrian sound poet renowned in the 1960s for memorable live performances.

More information about the exhibitions, venue, details of symposium programme and booking details are available online.

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