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Museum Learning Intern at the Whipple Museum

sarah MasonHi, I’m Sarah, the new Museum Learning Intern at the Whipple Museum!

At 23 years of age I’m proud to say I am a holder of a First Class BA Honours Degree in History from the Open University. Yes, I was the youngest person in my class (often by about 20 years) and yes, the student lifestyle wasn’t exactly the same as everyone else’s … but I absolutely loved it!

For most people the Open University represents the chance to get back into education and study part-time, but it doesn’t have to be that way! I completed my degree in 3 years, had some of the most passionate and inspiring tutors to guide me, and worked full time in a range of different jobs and volunteering roles in the heritage sector along the way.

Since graduating I’ve been seizing every opportunity to further develop my passion for History and my love of inspiring and educating others.  I currently work part-time at Wellcome Collection in London stimulating visitors’ curiosity with the collections of Sir Henry Wellcome and now I have this fantastic opportunity to help develop the Schools education and Learning Programme here at the Whipple Museum.

Over the next twelve weeks, I’ll be reaching out to Schools across Cambridgeshire to encourage learners and their teachers to come and enjoy what the Museum has to offer.  The scope for development is amazing, I have no doubt that I will learn a lot (and very quickly!) but I’m particularly looking forward to using all of my skills to enthuse the next generation with the importance of the collections and Science in everyday life!

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