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The Secrets of Rocks

The Sedgwick Museum shop has an exciting new range of merchandise now available to purchase. Focused on bringing the beauty of science to life, this range of products utilises images taken of thin sections of rocks from the Museum’s collections. Products in the range include ceramic coasters, A5 notebooks, A6 notepads, magnets, postcards and A4 prints.

The images used on the products represent a unique view of some of the petrology (rock) collections at the Sedgwick Museum. This selection includes specimens from as far as Japan and Norway and as close to home as Scotland. One very special example is an image taken of a rare example of a meteorite which fell to Earth from Mars.

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Originally produced as part of a project for the Open University as a teaching aid for geology students, these images are the result of viewing rocks at a microscopic level and in polarised  and cross polar lights.

These types of images are usually only seen by those studying thin sections of rocks under microscopes in a laboratory. The Open University Virtual Microscope project has increased access to specimens for students not using a laboratory while providing some stunning images of our collections in the process. The minerals, which are the ‘building blocks’ that make up these rocks, can clearly be seen, showing the variety of colours and patterns not normally visible to the eye. The results are beautifully artistic.

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