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Polar Museums Network

Polar Museums Network

Connecting polar collections around the world

The Polar Museum is pleased to announce the launch of the Polar Museums Network (PMN), a new initiative which brings together polar museums and collections around the world to strengthen and spread the knowledge of polar history, science and exploration. The PMN will foster greater cooperation and collaboration amongst polar museums in the key areas of exhibitions, research, outreach and learning, documentation and conservation.

The PMN has been founded by six museums from Norway, Sweden and the UK, and it is hoped that membership will extend to museums from across the globe. Membership of the PMN is also open to all persons and institutions evidencing an abiding interest in the collection, preservation, research and interpretation of polar artefacts.

The Polar Museums Network will hold its inaugural conference at The Fram Museum, Oslo, Norway, with the theme of Polar Partnerships: Working together to spread the knowledge of polar history, science and exploration. Dates to be confirmed.

Find out more about the Polar Museums Network on the PMN website.

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