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Ice Limit at The Polar Museum

'Nunatak' Intaglio print, 2015

‘Nunatak’ Intaglio print, 2015

Ice Limit‘ is an exhibition of drawings and prints by artist Emma Stibbon presented alongside the historic collections at The Polar Museum at the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) in Cambridge. The work responds to her recent fieldwork in the Antarctic Peninsula, as an artist on placement with the Friends of SPRI and the Royal Navy, and in Svalbard in the High Arctic.

Recording has always been an important part of Polar Science and, before the widespread use of photography, most expeditions included an artist. Stibbon’s work explores how the act of drawing continues to offer a critical and powerful method of recording and re-presenting the artist’s perspective, and engaging the audience’s imagination with the Polar environment.

Presenting drawings on an outsize scale, Stibbon immerses the viewer experientially in the work and invites reflection on our fragile relationship to the Polar Regions. Using delicate media; watercolour, graphite, carbon and aluminium powder, she suggests the elusiveness of the subject in the material fabric of the work. Stibbon affirms, ‘At the heart of my work I am interested in whether the drawing process can offer a space for engagement and reflection on contemporary issues of transition and change in our surroundings.’

Ice Limit is at The Polar Museum from 11 June – 5 September 2015.

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