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Making an Impression with Centre 33

For over 8 years, the University of Cambridge Museums has welcomed young carers from Cambridge youth support organisation, Centre 33, for a week of fun and creativity during the summer school holidays.

Inspired by the amazing The Power of  Paper print exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, this year the young people worked with artist Willow Mitchell to explore different printing techniques across six of the University of Cambridge Museums collections.  Over the course of the week the young people created a digital zine so they can share all their experiences with others.

Karen Thomas, Community Officer, University of Cambridge Museums

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The Whipple Museum helped us to explore optical illusions and how artists, such as Bridget Riley, used these techniques in their own work.  The young people then created their own lino-cut inspired by the shapes and patterns in the museum and printed their own tote bag.

Kettle’s Yard and the Fitzwilliam Museum supported the young people to explore how modern British artists used printing techniques in their work.  We were excited to be explore behind one of the big wooden doors and go into the Print Study Room at the Fitzwilliam Museum where curator Elenor Ling had brought out lots of special prints including ones by Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Inspired by how the artists had cut their pictures into giant stones, we etched with scratching tools into vinyl records and used a printing press to create their own musical prints.

At the Museum of Zoology Collections Manager Matt Lowe took us on a special tour of the beautiful new stores, full to the brim with millions of fascinating species.  From whale bones to tiny shells and beautiful butterflies, we were amazed at the diversity in the animal kingdom.  We were really lucky to be able to hold some of the finch specimens which Darwin studied from the Galapagos Islands and see how they differed slightly according to their environment.  Inspired by this, we created our own digital prints of our own imagined new species we ‘discovered’ at the museum.

The Power of Paper exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology was an amazing source of inspiration.  We explored how artists used simple shapes to tell us about very important things.  We then worked with Willow to create relief prints on t-shirts about things that are important to us.

Finally, at the Botanic Garden, we joined their Great Plant Pattern Hunt and discovered all the amazing shapes and textures in the plants in the gardens.  We collected lots of drawings on our mini-clipboards before returning to the studio with Willow. Inspired by the patterns we made printing blocks from polystyrene and made our own new species of plant by working together on a giant piece of paper.

We invited our family and friends to a special exhibition at the Botanic Garden to see all the things we made during the week.

We made a digital zine all about our great week with Willow Mitchell and the University of Cambridge Museums.  Have a read and see all the discoveries we made.

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