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Creative Apprentice: Josie Walsh

In October the University of Cambridge Museums recruited a new Creative Apprentice. Through the scheme the successful candidate Josie Walsh, will gain both practical and administrative experience in a cultural setting through a year-long apprenticeship.

The project aims to dispel the notion that only those with a degree can secure a position in a museum by providing better access to the arts and training for young people. At the end of the year Josie will have completed a level 2 qualification in Cultural Heritage.

University of Cambridge Museums Shop

University of Cambridge Museums Shop

During the year Josie will undertake a number of placements with the University of Cambridge Museums, with the first of these being at the Museums Shop on Kings Parade, and at Wysing Arts Centre. NVQ level 2 training will be provided by The Junction’s Creative Learning Programme, enabling Josie to gain a wide range of experience in contrasting cultural settings.

Josie will be writing regular blog posts throughout her apprenticeship, so keep checking back to find out how she’s getting on.

Josie“Hi, my name is Josie Walshe, and I am the new Creative Apprentice at the University of Cambridge Museums.

I have always loved creative arts and have been visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum since a young age, so I am beyond excited to be doing an apprenticeship that involves these passions!

I just recently left school after finishing my GCSEs this summer. The structure and pressure of school was something I was reluctant to continue into sixth form for another two years, and I was unsure about whether I was aiming to go to University, but I felt that I wanted to learn more about the subjects I love. I am looking forward to this apprenticeship giving me a balance of working and learning. I love art and history, and to be able to learn more about these subjects in a practical way within my job is an amazing opportunity. I am so excited to enter the world of work, to learn how places function, and to meet new people. This particular apprenticeship offers a large variety of places that I look forward to becoming familiar with. I moved to Cambridge a couple of months ago with my family knowing that it would be a place of opportunity, but this was entirely unexpected! I am learning more about the city already and I can’t wait to learn more.

I have already been involved in events at Wysing Arts Centre, which has been so much fun. Already I’ve been talking to people and learning new things! I love helping out with odd jobs and hope to participate in anything I can.

See you around!”

Josie Walshe, Creative Apprentice, University of Cambridge Museums

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