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Jenny Bull: Events Coordinator

Jenny BullHello! I’m Jenny, the new University of Cambridge Museums Events Coordinator.

I am joining the University of Cambridge Museums team from the Museum of London. For the past 4 years I have been developing and delivering a range of free, and charged for, public events inspired by the Museum’s exhibitions and collections, including Lates. Before that I was lucky enough to work in the Learning, Volunteers and Audiences department at the British Museum supporting the development and delivery of Lates, festivals and other public events.

Alongside my time at the British Museum I studied part-time for a Masters in Cultural Heritage Studies at University College London, and have an undergraduate degree in History. I am a big fan of theatre and performance of any kind. In my spare time I work as an editor for a small blog called Everything Theatre – which, as the title suggests, reviews every type of theatre/performance in London.

I am really excited to be joining the University of Cambridge Museums team. The prospect of working with so many broad –ranging and interesting, Museums (and Garden), collections and people is what drew me to the role.  I love public events in Museums. They encourage audience interaction with objects, collections and ideas, but also with Museum buildings, which are often very beautiful in their own right, and of course, Museum people too!  On top of all that many of the museums in Cambridge are affiliated to university departments or research institutes undertaking cutting edge, or new research, making the opportunity for public programming even more exciting!

There is so much for audiences to gain from the University Museums in Cambridge. So I am really looking forward to building on the existing public programming and further exploring that potential with all of the Museums across the University of Cambridge Museums and beyond.

Before that, there is an immense amount to take in, especially as a newbie to Cambridge.  In my first week exploring I found myself caught up with the floors and ceilings alone at the Fitzwilliam Museum, and was intrigued to discover a hippo skeleton found south west of Cambridge in 1907 on display in the Sedgewick Museum. I am very aware that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and so I am looking forward to being in constant learning mode as I settle in!

Jenny Bull, Events Coordinator, University of Cambridge Museums

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