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ArtefactOver the past two months I have been engaged directly, working with the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences creating a series of drawings from hidden and locked drawers.  The premise of this project is to reimagine the collections, and draw microscopically to invite audiences to scrutinize objects they look upon.

Seeking inspiration from the Chalk Sea collection, I am deeply interested in fossilized matter and their histories; I have chosen to draw from this collection due to their delicate and fragile qualities, some objects are known to be 90 million years old.

Artefact-2For some time now I have set up my studio within the collection to produce detailed drawings with the intention of creating a collection that introduces art back into the museum. These drawings aim to depict the nature of looking closer and examining objects for all the detail they possess. If you look closer at objects, you begin to notice small crevices that were once small homes to corals, where polyps and algae would grow.

Placing the drawings into the permanent collection invites the audience to look upon these artworks and question the qualities of objects, what you are looking at is in fact locked away in cabinets just beneath your reach.

Be curious, look closer.

Georgia Turner, MA Fine Art Student at Norwich University of the Arts

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