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Curatorial Fellowship: The best of times

In March I embarked on a Curatorial Fellowship at Kettle’s Yard, kindly supported and funded by the Artisa Foundation. The Fellowship was intended for an individual in the early stages of their career, interested in gaining experience across curatorial and community outreach. My role involved managing an offsite project in collaboration with North Cambridge residents and taking some of the Kettle’s Yard collection to display in the area. My time is sadly coming to an end so I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on my journey and touch on some of the highlights of the last nine months.

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On Your Doorstep in North Cambridge

As well as the regular appearance of homemade cakes, the thing that has made my time here really special is the staff. It’s been lovely to work with a close knit team in a supportive and friendly environment. Through them I have increased my knowledge of the collection and been introduced to some great people based in North Cambridge. I’ve was given the freedom to learn and develop the project but always with support and advice to hand if needed.

I have really enjoyed working with individuals in North Cambridge such as community officers, artists, residents and people who work for social initiatives such as the YMCA Reparations service. Particular highlights have been getting to know residents on a fruit foraging and jam making workshop, inviting artists in North Cambridge to display their work in an exhibition alongside the Kettles collection and witnessing 76 people (of all ages) take part in a pebble decoration workshop led by Caroline Wendling at the final event.

On Your Doorstep Final 2 from Stories on Vimeo.

The skills and experience I have gained through this fellowship are invaluable. Being able to say on a job application that I’ve managed a project for an arts organisation has put me in a much stronger position than I was 9 months ago. Through this opportunity I’ve gained experience in creative programming, curating and budgeting as well as reporting to funders. It’s been great to experience the whole process of developing a project from concept to delivery. I now fully appreciate the value of persisting when challenges arise and to seeing something through to the end. The fellowship has led to invitations to take part in round table discussions with senior funding bodies regarding talent development.

All that’s left to say is a huge thank you for the opportunity. And also to the University of Cambridge Museums team who have been so supportive as well as flexible with regards to my part time work for them throughout my fellowship.

Hannah Kershaw, Curatorial Fellow, Kettle’s Yard

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