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SOURCE, the young artists programme at the Fitzwilliam Museum aims to provide young people aged 15-19 years taking their final year art exams with the opportunity to:

  1. Research and extend their ideas both in the University Museums collections and to develop and extend their practical artwork in the Fitzwilliam Museum Art Studio
  2. To embed the use of Museums and Galleries as part of their arts development and raise their confidence to revisit as they continue on their arts journey

Source is now 11 years old and has developed to meet the changing needs of our visiting art students and educators, but still retains the original focus of looking, thinking and drawing from real art and objects in the gallery. The young artists base themselves in the Fitzwilliam Museum’s fully equipped art studio and can drop-in for a couple of hours or stay all day. With a different guest artist each day of SOURCE, and Museum and Gallery Educators on hand to discuss and extend ideas.

Source is FREE and available to young people taking Art GCSE, A’ Level, BTEC or Foundation. The February 2016 programme offers the opportunity to review your art work and portfolio with lecturers and art students from the Anglia Ruskin School of Art, plus an opportunity to discuss arts courses and career paths on Friday 19 February.

Saturdays provide ‘focus on’ sessions, with the opportunity to work with the print press, acrylic painting techniques or conceptual art.

Source takes place at the Fitzwilliam Museum from 10am – 4pm on 

Saturday 13 February – with a focus on drawing and painting
Tuesday 16 February – studio workshops with optional guided research to the Polar Museum and Sedgwick Museum
Wednesday 17 February – studio workshops with optional guided research to the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology and Museum of Classical Archaeology
Thursday 18 February – studio workshops with optional guided research to the Botanic Garden and Whipple Museum
Friday 19 February – exam theme and porfolio review with Anglia Ruskin School of Art, with advice on arts courses and careers
Saturday 20 February – with a focus on printing
Saturday 27 February – with a focus on drawing and painting

Launch event 2016On Saturday 30 January from 2-4pm there will be an opportunity to look at what SOURCE offers including mini gallery tours.

Links with partner University of Cambridge Museums extend exam related themes into the world of Botany, Zoology, Earth Sciences, Polar Research and Archaeology and Anthropology.

Young people have commented that they enjoy spending time in a professional arts environment and are more motivated to explore their art work, particularly over half term when they may not have the much needed space at home.

The main challenge working with young people is getting them to come along on the day. The lure of specialist techniques, materials and professional artists and an emphasis on a fun relaxed space helps but in the event of a cold wet February day getting them to venture out can be problematic. We have worked hard at creating dialogues with secondary art teachers with specialist museum inset days, co-teaching museum sessions, working with students to develop gallery sessions relevant to their current topics and importantly visiting their schools and colleges to support their art events. After all, it is their emerging art talents that we are fostering.

Further details are available on the Fitzwilliam Museum website.
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Sarah Blake, Education Officer The Fitzwilliam Museum

3 comments on “SOURCE

  1. Jose Ramon Marcaida
    January 11, 2016
  2. Anonymous
    January 11, 2016

    Would this be appropriate for students taking Photography GCSE?

    • Yes thank you. Source is suitable for photography students and in particular our artists Susie Olczak and Jason Ions use photography in their work and Jason teaches A’Level photography, so check out Source on Thursday 18, Friday 19 and Saturday 27 February.

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