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TONIGHT: Museums at Night is coming to Cambridge… But what is it?

Poetry event

Museums at Night is a national initiative lead by Culture 24. It encourages Museums up and down the country to ‘throw open their doors after-hours to showcase their treasures in unexpected ways.’ Many National (and non-national) Museums (and other heritage sites) have regular evening openings, talks and events throughout the year but for some Museums evening openings can be few and far between. This is especially the case when providing opportunities for younger audiences and families to enjoy evening visits.

Here in Cambridge we’ve been running, Twilight at the Museums, an annual after-hours event for families for ten years, and so this year we’ve planned Museums at Night to focus on adults.

In my opinion the best time to visit Museums is in the evening. Being able to explore galleries, see objects and displays, learn new things, hear new ideas or just enjoy the ambience after-hours always feels unique. Not least because you can also do it with wine and friends.

The University of Cambridge Museums have been participating in the Culture 24 programme for a few years in various forms. This year three of our Museums are opening late, and they are also joined by the University Library.

Most of our events this year are sold out. However, there is still the chance to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum tomorrow evening – and you have a choice! You can either visit their current (and excellent) temporary exhibition Death on Nile: uncovering the afterlife of ancient Egypt.  Or you can catch a jazz performance, browse the shop, sample what the café has to offer and simply wander the galleries.

What if I can’t make it?

University of Cambridge Museums are hoping to run more after-hours events in the near-ish future. So if you can’t make tonight or tomorrow then do keep a look out for updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

For more information on this year’s events please visit our Facebook page.

Other sites in Cambridge which are taking part this year are All Saints Church who are offering tours and tales between 6.30-9pm. More information is available online, and the Museum of Cambridge who are running a Vintage Games Night.

Jenny Bull, Events Coordinator, University of Cambridge Museums

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