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Have you ever thought how different we are from each other?

There are many differences between us and some of them can make it challenging to enjoy one of the most “ordinary” but extraordinary experiences: visiting a museum.

Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

My natural curiosity for learning and my keen interest in museums inspired me to volunteer at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology as part of the front of house team. My aim is to help visitors to always have a great experience so that they want to come back, and to encourage others to visit us. However, visiting a museum might not always be a straightforward experience for all of our visitors.

I recently attended a course titled “Disabled people: offering a Good Face-to-Face service” and it really helped me to understand how different we can be, how different we can feel and how we, in museums, can offer a better service. The fantastic Kirsty Wayland, from the University of Cambridge’s Disability Resource Centre, explained the best ways to offer and give assistance to people with a range of disabilities. Fliss Mottram, Learning Associate at the Fitzwilliam Museum, gave us many ideas of how we can welcome families and young people with autism. Both of them helped me to understand and feel the different needs people have and, most importantly, how to make everyone’s experience of visiting a museum more “ordinary”. We can make visits more enjoyable through small gestures that do not cost us much effort but make a lot of difference to people’s experience. We only need to be aware!

By attending this course, I am now more aware of what makes our museums difficult to access for some visitors, and how we can offer them a better service.

Clara Ribas-Calsina, Front of House Volunteer, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

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