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Tiddlywinks and Tonic

Please note: This event has been postponed until September 2016. Please visit the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology website for event updates.

An after-hours experience launching at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

See the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in a different light in a new series of after-hours events. Explore the galleries at twilight and get up close and personal with the Museum’s fantastic collections.

On Friday 22 July, 7-10pm, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (MAA) will open its doors for those looking for a fresh take on Cambridge nightlife.  Enjoy vintage games, delicious treats, and a complimentary cocktail at this special evening event. Bring a team (or just yourself!) and compete for prizes in our challenges, ancient and modern. Are you more skillful than a Bronze Age ten year old? Can you outwit your friends in an Italian betting contest? Who will win our Anglo-Saxon game of strategy? From Prehistory to the Victorians come and find out what people in the past did for fun.

Join us for a special after-hours viewing of our exhibition Hide and Seek: looking for children in the past.  As part of the Festival of Archaeology 2016, our event Tiddlywinks and Tonic is an exploration into activities and entertainment through an archaeological and ethnographic lens.  Using our galleries as a playground will encourage guests to engage with our objects but also participate in the meaning of, or variation on, those objects. Taste, touch, smell, hear, and PLAY the stories behind the collections.

Tiddlywinks & Tonic
Friday 22 July, 7-10pm
£15 – Pre-booking required
18+, Cash bar available until 9:45pm

Event line-up: 7pm: Doors open for a complimentary cocktail and food, special viewing of Hide and Seek: looking for children in the past, followed by games in the galleries.

Hide and Seek: Looking for Children in the Past is a rare exhibition.
Children outnumbered adults for most of human history, yet they rarely appear in the stories that museums tell. A past without children is incomplete. This exhibition aims to redress the balance. Some objects on display will be familiar: a doll, a sledge, a baby’s feeding bottle. Other artefacts won’t look like children’s objects: pots with small fingerprints, a tiny hand-axe made 400,000 years ago, goldwork as fine as a human hair. By looking carefully at all of this evidence, we will find out about children’s lives.  We invite you to look closely to seek glimpses of children’s lives in East Anglia and across England from 1 million years ago to the 20th century.

The exhibition is funded by a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It is a joint project between Cambridgeshire County Council and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Visit the exhibition’s website for more information.

About the Festival of Archaeology
The 26th Festival of Archaeology will take place between the 16 – 31 July 2016. Coordinated by the Council for British Archaeology, the Festival offers hundreds of events nationwide, organised by museums, heritage organisations, national and country parks, universities, local societies, and community archaeologists.

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