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Fitzwilliam Object of the Month: July

These will be on display in the Museum and featured in a short video.

July’s Object of the Month is the Chesterton Hoard.

The Chesterton Hoard of gold and silver medieval coins was discovered by archaeologists at Chesterton Lane Corner, Cambridge, in October 2000.  The Cambridge Archaeology unit had been excavating the site of a new sewer shaft when they found the remains of a medieval house in which the hoard, of nine gold and 1,805 silver coins, had been buried in the 1350s shortly after the Black Death. The nine gold coins were nobles and half nobles of Edward III.

The majority of the hoard were silver pennies from England, Scotland, Ireland and many places in Continental Europe, providing evidence of medieval England’s international trade. The hoard was acquired by The Fitzwilliam Museum and conserved at The British Museum.  The total value of hoard when it was buried was more than £10, equivalent to many years’ wages for a medieval labourer, and it may well have belonged to one of the prosperous merchants of Cambridge.

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