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Meet our new Creative Apprentice Sophie-Emma

sophie-emmacrook-941x1000My name is Sophie-Emma, I recently started working at Wysing Arts Centre and Kettle’s Yard as a Creative Apprentice. I started this Autumn and will finish the course in November 2017.

My experience of the Creative Apprentice recruitment day was very interesting – the interview process was not like one I’d ever experienced  before. The process took a whole day, within the day we did group activities whilst being watched and asked questions by some of the staff across the different museums including the management team. We visited the Museum of Zoology, which is currently shut for construction, so it was great to see what it’s going to be like when it reopens. We met a current Creative Apprentice and it was amazing to hear all the fab projects and things he’s been able to do and get involved in. The ‘interview’ was hard as you couldn’t really sell yourself like you’d be able to do in a normal interview where it’s just one on one with the manager. But I thought the  process worked as they could see how you would cope with various tasks that you might be given in the work in the future. It was also a good way to see how we worked alongside people we hadn’t met before and how we coped with group activities.

I believe that even if I hadn’t got the position, I feel it would have been good experience and also it was amazing to see behind the doors of the museum and just gain more knowledge of what sort of work there is out there.

In my first week of work I found it very confusing understanding what my actual role would be! I was meeting lots of new people and being introduced to lots of new spaces, as well as deciding all of the modules I will be doing in my course work. So my brain was on information overload to say the least! My first week flew by though and as it went on it became more clear to me what my actual role was and what my influence will be on the Circuit programme as well as all the exciting events and projects that there are to come. All my friends have asked what my ‘day to day’ role is. I can’t really answer because every day is new and a different – I think as time goes on I will settle more in to my role. There are lots of exciting dates I have already put in my diary,  like trips up to London and conference days out in Nottingham which will be great.

Sophie-Emma, Creative Apprentice, University of Cambridge Museums

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