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Teachers Explore ‘Line and Shape’

In the spring and summer of 2016, Paula Briggs and Sheila Ceccarelli from AccessArt and Kate Noble from the Fitzwilliam Museum collaborated to create and deliver a series of InSET sessions (in-service-training) for primary school teachers. AccessArt facilitates high quality visual arts workshops and events and shares the outcomes in an evolving collection of high quality, inspirational teaching and learning resources.

The aim of the InSET programme was to fuse high quality museum education practice with practical, hands on learning in Fine Art disciplines including: drawing, printmaking, sketchbooks, collage and sculpture. The sessions were designed to refresh teacher’s creative energies and provide inspiration to try out new activities in the classroom or as part of a visit.

It was a delight working with Kate from the Fitzwilliam Museum Learning team and seeing her in action on the museum floor; her ability to draw us in to great works and allow us time to ponder and absorb them, in an open ended and personal way, was inspirational. It was a privilege to work with such fabulous teachers in such an amazing setting and lovely to see their work emerge and their enthusiasm to take creative skills back to the classroom.
Sheila Ceccarelli, AccessArt

Working with Sheila and Paula from Access Art was a fabulous experience. Their passion for art and creativity is really contagious and we all came away both inspired by their enthusiasm, and with lots of practical activities to support looking and making. I was also greatly encouraged by the commitment of the teachers we worked with who were campaigning so hard within each of their settings to ensure that art and creativity took a central role in the learning of all their pupils.

Feedback from teachers demonstrated that they had enjoyed and been inspired by the sessions.

Fabulous, very interactive, informative and inspirational- thank you

I will use online collections and ideas for how to respond to artist’s work

It has changed the way that I think about the potential of teaching at a lower age in museums by looking in detail at part of a painting and honing in on mark making.

Several participants planned to run training sessions back in school to share what they had learnt with colleagues.

The sessions were carefully documented and have now been published on the AccessArt website to share the ideas and processes with other educators.

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