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An INSIGHT into the Fitzwilliam Museum

Thirty year 10 students from London recently visited the Fitzwilliam Museum as part of the University’s INSIGHT programme. INSIGHT is an academic programme delivered through the University’s Widening Participation Programme, which aims to develop secondary students’ subject interests, their confidence, and tackle the barriers many students face when applying to university. It also develops the academic interests of the students, introducing them to new idea, subjects, and increases confidence and key skills.

Throughout the year the University of Cambridge Museums create opportunities to inspire and engage students across the University’s Widening Participation Programme. The collections and opportunities available at the University Museums add great value to the University’s outreach initiatives, offering an engaging and creative learning environment whilst stimulating interest in higher education subjects. As well as INSIGHT, the Museums support initiatives including Realise, a programme which actively promotes higher education to young people in care, Sutton Trust Summer Schools that provide opportunities for students to attend week-long subject specific programmes, and the Colleges’ Area Links Scheme where the museums collectively welcome over 5,000 students a year.

The University of Cambridge Museum’s objects provoke thought and discussion, and the visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum gave students an opportunity to choose one object which they felt should be highlighted within the museum. The students had to choose something that reflected history and the world. After choosing their objects and doing some independent research, each group had to create and record a short podcast to justify why their chosen object should be highlighted within the museum. The participants did a fantastic job, choosing an interesting range of objects to highlight and explaining their thoughts articulately and with confidence, building their research, debating and presentation skills. We are incredibly proud of them and the podcasts they have produced. Why not have a listen to the podcasts below and visit the museum to see if you agree with their selections?

Colin Reid Podcast: David, Melissa, Atlanta, Lydia and Deniz.

Conservation Podcast: Esther, Noor, Matilda, Ashraf and Amaani

Egyptian Writing Instruments Podcast: Connor, Hoodo, Amina, Lillian and Dillon

Flake Podcast: Saeeda, Mahir, Ara and Lisette

Isaac Newton Podcast 1: Ogbe, Lauren, Ridwanah and Madiya

Isaac Newton Podcast 2: Molly, Eden, Saima, Millie and Jess

Torah Finials Podcast: Teniola, Jijo, Jessica and Davit

Lucy Shipp, Learning Associate (Widening Participation and Arts Award), The Fitzwilliam Museum

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